Monday, December 15, 2008

The Age Old Question

Does the movie ruin the book or enhance it? Does reading the book ruin the movie for the viewer? Take the book/movie Harry Potter for example, I loved the books, and when the movie came out, the effects they used were wonderful and some of the spells and effects they used I could never even imagine it... so this is how the movie has helped enhance the book! However when I watched the movie, I would go through my mind "That's not right!" or "Where is Peeves?" I could not enjoy the movie because I kept thinking how it was straying from the book and leaving out some of my favorite things from the book *this is the case of the book ruining the movie* my sisters who have never read the books just love the movie, they have no problem with things that are missing... Now another example with Twilight, I can no longer read the book without picturing the actor in Edwards place... And the way the movie portrayed him sparkling in the sunlight.... well, in my mind it was quite different (actually a lot better) Now I that's all I see(the movie's version) when I think about that part of the book... This is a case of the movie ruining the book...
I wanna know... has a book ever been ruined for you by the movie or the movie ruined because you read the book?
Thoughts anyone?

P.S. I'm working on Kiss of Shadows and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell it's just taking a little longer than I thought *you know busy with the season*

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