Monday, November 3, 2008

Blood sucking Fiends and YOU SUCK!

These two books are part of a series, so I'm just going to do a review for both of them in one post... Because let's face it.. with these two books, once you read the first one you are dying *no pun intended* to read the next one.
These two books are written by Christopher Moore, it's about Jody a women who get's changed into a vampire and meets C. Thomas Flood (Tommy) who becomes her minion AKA her daytime bitch... A few characters include
Elijah who is portrayed as the "bad guy,"
the Animals who are a bunch of oddballs work with Tommy,
The Emperor-a homeless guy who "protects" the city of San Fran from the vampires,
Blue *appears in You Suck* a Vegas Call girl who is well... blue....
Abby *appears in You Suck* Tommy's goth minion.
There are other characters, but they were not very important to me.... So both books are about Jody and Tommy's hilarious adventures trying to adjust to their relationship both while living and undead...
My favorite part of both books is when Tommy and Jody are trying to see how truthful the vampire books are.... Such as Tommy rubbing garlic on Jody while she is passed out...
Pretty good book, recommended by my husband... Once again a very funny book.

Next up: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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