Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time of my Life

Time of my Life written by Allison Winn Scotch I found to be a great book. I found it to be very inspirational as well. Jillian has it all, a home in suburbia, a great and faithful husband, and a daughter; but when she hears that her ex boyfriend is getting married, she has to think "What if?"-what if she stuck it out, what if she never married Henry (her now husband), what if she never had Katie(her daughter). On a visit to a masseuse he goes to unblock her chi and is whisked back to seven yeas earlier-she has yet to meet Henry and is still with her ex. She thinks that she is going to do things different this time round, but then everything starts to go wrong and Henry keeps popping up in her life over and over again... She later finds out that everything that she was unhappy about was her own doing. That her life was in her hands and she had a choice to be herself or to be what they wanted her to be. That is the part that I find inspirational. Everyone needs to know that being who they want you to be is not going to make you happy, you've got to be true to yourself first.
This book was very well written and a very easy read. I would recommend anyone who likes chick-lit to read it.


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