Friday, July 24, 2009

My life through Dewey

For those who are librarians or even frequent library users, you will be familiar with the Dewey system and therefore will understand this entry. Others.... well you can try and research it, but it is probably not worth the trouble. I'm just telling you a little about myself...

My name is Jessi (929.44), I was born in April (133.52). I work in a (020) and have two pets, Cassie (636.7) and Millie (595.7). My hobbies include (635), (004), (011.73), and trying to (641) I also love to (910.2). I drive a (629.28722). I studied (371) at (378.73). I studied 7 years in (433.2421). I am not very good at (796) or (641. 5). My guilty pleasure is (791) gossip. I really need to have a better (613.25) and do more (613.7). Currently my greatest worry is never (618.2) because I am having issues with (618.11) and my (612.62) is messed up. I love (792) and really like (813-818). I am absolutely useless at (646.72). And am currently trying to (748.94) because we just recently (728).

This is me, my life through Dewey.... It's random and sporadic, but it's me. I came up with this entry last night, and couldn't stop thinking about it. Ha ha it's like a librarian mad lib :)
Bis Bald

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