Monday, June 29, 2009

School, Lancaster, and Hamilton

So I just finished 2 summer classes Management and Electronic Materials for kids. I got an A- in Management and a 93.25% in Electronic Materials which apparently equals out to.... a B+! I sometimes wonder in what world does a 93% equal a B+? *rolls eyes*
Now I'm in the Youth Services class which is pretty awesome already. There are only like 4 people in my class so it's going to be real fun! The teacher (Beth) is super awesome *Yes, I said super* She's really excited about what she does, which makes class much more fun... I've had classes where the professor doesn't really care about what they do, and you can tell it...
I'm done with my degree in May, so the end is in sight.
It's been a while since I did a book review, so here is one for ya, it's even non-fiction.

Jen Lancaster "Pretty In Plaid"
This is Jen's 4 memoir, in this book she describes her life using her fashion as the time line, with items such as the Girl Scout Uniform to the golden sorority Lavaliere, Jen keeps you laughing non-stop. I have a special place in my heart for Jen because she lived in Huntington, the hometown I am from. She also went to Purdue, so I look for the familiar places she talks about in her books(Harry's Chocolate Shop). Although I did find it funny that she referred to it as "Cow Town" because there are a lot of farmers in my community. Jen does not disappoint in this book, in fact she is getting better and better the more she writes.

Let's do one more, this one will be fiction.

Laurell K. Hamilton "Skin Trade"
Anita finds herself in Las Vegas in this book, looking for the psycho super strong serial killer vampire that she was after in a previous book. With her lovers back at St. Lewis, Anita fights to control her audre, gain the respect of the men on the LVPD, and keep her wear-animals *particularly the wear-tigers* under control. I will say right now that this is different than the books she has been putting out lately. The biggest is the sex, what feels like for the past 5 books she has written there were very discriptive sex scenes where you have to skip pages at a time to get to the actual plot; this is not the case in this novel. You actually get to read about the plot as opposed to the other stuff. Many of the main characters are sitting this book out, you don't hear from Richard at all, and you only get to hear Jean-Claude talk to Anita on the phone. An old favorite that comes up is Edward, and the unfortunate appearance of the very creepy Olaf. This was a very good book, and it reminds me of Hamilton's earlier Anita Blake novels, which is a wonderful thing.


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