Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dirty Job

Dirty Job is by Christopher Moore, the same guy that wrote You Suck and Bloodsucking Fiends (two books that I loved!) Dirty Job is about a fellow named Charlie Asher *who kind of reminds me of Woody Allen in the beginning. * He considers himself to be a "Beta Male" and he is the biggest worrier ever, and I found him very annoying. So the story starts out with Charlie and his wife Rachel(who is obviously out of his league) at the hospital after having their baby.
Well, this little bit of happiness just can't last now can it? Charlie walks into his wife's room seeing a man in a mint green suit.... and apparently he wasn't supposed to see him. Pretty soon he starts seeing things glowing red... and people are dying around him.... not to mention that his daughter is going through a ridiculous amount of pets... fish, turtles, even a cockroach! which after they die seem to dissapear into Charlie's neighbor's "flower box" and by "flower box" I mean her dinner...
Charlie finds out later that he is the equivalent to Santa's elves, his little helpers... and by Santa I mean Death....
I eventually got over my annoyance with Charlie and found him likable in the end. I mean the poor guy has to deal with the whole being Death's helper, having Hellhounds in his house, and having his daughter kill anything she looks at with the word "kittie." This book was laugh out loud funny.
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