Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Uncaged by John Sandford and Michele Cook

I wrote this for Library Journal Magazine
Sandford, John and Cook, Michele. Uncaged. 10 CDs. Unabridged. 11 hours 44 minutes. Books On Tape Listening Library. 2014. ISBN 9780553395501 $45.00.
Bouncing from home to home in the Foster Care system, Shay Remby has had to worry about herself and her Autistic, but brilliant brother Odin. Then Odin calls Shay in the middle of the night distressed and talking about horrible experiments of a company he and some animal rights activist hit, and that he has to disappear with one of the experiments, a dog, for a while. When the police who are not exactly police come looking for Odin, Shay knows she must find him before they do. 
John Sandford, who is the author of the adult Prey novels, begins his venture into young adult novels with this book. He does an excellent job of keeping the pace going. This novel is also Michele Cook's first Young adult book. Narrator Tara Sands does a wonderful job voicing the main character Shay, she is able to get teenage sarcasm down perfectly.   

Readers' who enjoyed D.J. MacHale's Sylo series will want to give this story a try. 

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