Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Tao of Martha: my year of living or why I'm never getting all that glitter off of the dog by Jen Lancaster

The following review I wrote was published in the September 15th, 2013 Issue of the Library Journal.

Lancaster, Jen. The Tao of Martha: my year of living or why I'm never getting all that glitter off the dog. 7 CDs (8 hours 57 minutes). Dreamscape Media. 2013. 9781624065316

In Lancaster's newest book, she takes on the essence of Martha Stewart. Taking the things in life that are not that glamorous, organizing pantries, spice cabinets, planning holiday parties such as Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, and much much more she tries to plan and execute in a way that would make Martha approve. Whenever she comes across an obstacle, she asks herself, what would Martha do? Even though this is Lancaster's 9th book, she is still rolling out fresh and original work, while keeping with her humor and wit. Narrated by Jen herself, she was able to get across the exact inflection and emotion that was used when she wrote the book.
This book is recommended for anyone who enjoys a good humorous memoir about self discovery/improvement.
Jessi Brown, Huntington City-Township Public Library. Huntington, Indiana.

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