Saturday, July 20, 2013

Forbidden Sister by V.C. Andrews

The following review I wrote was published in the July 5th Express Reviews of the Library Journal. 

Andrews, V.C. Forbidden Sister. 8 CDs. library ed. unabridged. 9½ hrs. Dreamscape Audio. 2013. ISBN 9781624064890. $59.99; Playaway digital; digital download. F

All Emmie Wilcox has ever wanted was to know her older sister, Roxy, but it is hard to get to know someone who was been thrown out of the house by their parents years ago, especially when the mere mention of Roxy’s name is considered worse than swearing. So Emmie decides to find her sister and learn whatever it is her parents refuse to tell her. When Emmie finally finds what she is seeking, her world is turned upside down. This is your typical Andrews (Flowers in the Attic) novel: the focus is on a young girl, with lots of tragedy. Narrator Amy Rubinate does an excellent job voicing Emmie’s insecure, breathy whispers, her mother’s French accent, and Roxy’s confident tones.
Verdict Listeners who enjoy family drama, transparent plots, and teenage angst will enjoy this book. [The Pocket: S. & S. pb was a New York Times best seller.—Ed.]—

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