Monday, February 4, 2013

The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham

The following review that I wrote was published in the June 2012 edition of Library Journal.....

Wyndham, John. The Kraken Wakes. 7 CDS. Unabridged. 9 Hours. CSA World. 2010. ISBN: 9781906147754. $29.95.

In Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes (Previously published under the title Out of the Deeps), English journalist for the EBC--- not the BBC, Mike Watson writes an account of events that he and his wife Phyllis witnessed. Starting on their honeymoon with what was described as fireballs falling from the sky and leading to the attacks of “sea tanks” and the unusually fast melting of icebergs. Not your typical science fiction story, the aliens are no longer confined to taking over from Outer Space. The story was cut up in three phases which moved the plot along wonderfully, however there was not much character development. British narrator Alex Jennings shows animation playing multiple people very well including men, women, English, Russian, and French characters. Fans of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds will enjoy this story. 

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