Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monster High

I would like to say that I had first gotten this as an ARC from Little, Brown and Company.

Monster High, written by Lisi Harrison, alternates between our two main characters, Melody and Frankie. Both girls are starting out at a new school, both like a boy in their new school, and both just want the world to accept them for who they are, the big difference is that Frankie is the great granddaughter of Frankenstein and her parents sewed her together about 15 days ago. Frankie soon discovers that there are more like her, great-grandchildren of famous monsters such as Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Frankie and her new friends all live in hiding, donning disguises so they can live among the "normies." As much as Frankie wants to show the world just what she is, her life and the lives of all her friends and family would be in danger if she did. Melanie is a "normie" who moved to Frankie's town with her family who is obsessed with symmetry and perfection. She starts to fall for the boy next door, who seems to be just a little strange at times...

I found this book to be a fun read, always trying to guess what famous monster Frankie's friends are related to. The ending was somewhat of a disappointment with it leaving me with a cliffhanger and the next book not already out. Other than that, excellent book, and I think teens will really enjoy it.

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