Friday, June 11, 2010

Dead in the Family

Dead in the family is Charlain Harris' tenth Sookie Stackhouse novel. This time round Sookie is recovering from the Fae War that killed so many of her friends including her fairy godmother and cousin Claudine. Trouble is brewing with Eric's maker and brother coming to town, and to make matters worse a dead body ends up on her land.
Once again, Harris fails to impress me with her characters. I distinctly recall a fight where death is immediate and all Sookie can say is 'Don't kill Claude he's my family and I don't have much of that left.' I could not feel the terror that Sookie should have been feeling, I felt like a bystander which is not the reading experience I want. But I will continue to read her books even if the emotional connection to the characters are flatter than Stanley.

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