Monday, September 29, 2008

A different version...

Books on tape are fabulous. Yes, they can never replace the actual book in your hand, but they have many great attributes that I feel I must share with you.
-The first and probably the best thing about books on tape is that the best sellers such as an Evanovich or a Patterson is most likely to be checked in than the printed book. You have the choice of either waiting months for the printed copy to come in or you can get the book on tape right then and there, and for a person who is as impatient to read the newest tome it is a great thing.
-What normally takes me two days to a week to read, I can listen to it within a day.
-You never have to find a new radio station when traveling great distances.
-It gives a voice to the characters..When I'm reading, the characters have my voice... but with the books on tape, each character has their own voice.
If you haven't read a book on tape you should at least try it once. It can be a way to get so many more books read at a time, and for a person who loves to cross off a book from their list like I do, it's a great means to an end.